"A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Are you interested in beta or ARC reading for Cara?

I wasn't familiar with these terms when I started my novel writing journey, so I'll explain.

A beta reader volunteers to read an early version of a manuscript and gives the author feedback on plot/storyline, character development, specific scenes, etc. The level of detail of this feedback will vary from reader to reader and author to author, but that's the gist.

ARC stands for Advanced Reader (or Review) Copy. ARC readers volunteer to read a finished or nearly finished (might not be proofread) version of the book before it is published. (This is usually an e-book but sometimes a physical copy.) The author's hope is that an ARC reader will be willing to leave reviews and help hype up the book around its release date.

All sign-ups currently available for beta and ARC readers are located below! Note: these are made available to newsletter subscribers before they are posted here.

Luxe in Quest is available as an ARC via Booksirens!

Have you previously read & rated/reviewed one of Cara's books?

If you have, you may be eligible to join her permanent ARC team. Team members are eligible to participate in drawings for physical ARC copies, they are automatically signed up for ARCs without any forms to fill out, and you'll have access to a private online space only for team members.

*Please note: a link to your review on one of Cara's books is a REQUIREMENT for this application.

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